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Lgp Print Leeds

Our company has embraced the concept of Calco’s offering to small and medium printing companies from day one, right back in 1999. The past few years it would be fair to say has not been the easiest time for the print industry, but during this period our state of the art hub, with what we are told is one of the finest plant lists in the area, has come to the fore.
From our SRA2 4 colour to recent investment in the Xerox CP 1000, numerous group members have been able to expand their sales as Calco, in effect, creates a one stop shop from paper through to print. We enjoy handling the work that others cannot do in house, and on the flip side the vast and varied plant lists between all group members even allows ourselves to out source work to others. In a tough economic climate, our partnership with Calco in our Yorkshire hub is appealing more and more to new customers.

Philip Stead

Managing Director

John Ord Printers Wakefield

I am a small one man band who enjoys meeting people and selling print. The concept of buying paper through Calco is good on it’s own, however add to this using them as a one stop shop for print jobs that I cannot produce in house and the benefits are obvious. There is no need for me to invest in new modern equipment when between group members we have it already, why would I? I produce in house what I am comfortable with and then use Calco to help me with other work.
Examples of recent work placed with Calco:
1 – 10,000 A5 full colour leaflets 1 sided
2 – 1000 DL 2 colour envelopes
3 – A small outdoor sign drilled 4 holes printed in colour
This type of work I would normally have shied away from but the ease of how I can now take these orders with confidence is great for my business.

John Ord


Enterprise Print Huddersfield

My summary of being in the Calco buying group is quite simple. Calco has provided us with a first class service for over 15 years. I am well aware that if I took a specific product and trawled the internet for hours I could probably get someone to supply it cheaper, however overall when you take the vast range of products which we purchase, and being able to get them through one supplier at across the board fair pricing, it makes life very simple. What’s more it saves me a lot of time to do other things.
When did your current supplier send you a newsletter announcing price decreases or advising to switch to a different product to save money? Calco does this. Now with the online shop going live and me being able to price up 25 C6 Red envelopes through to a box of labels etc., anytime day or night then it gets even better. The new printers clearance section where customers can list print related items for sale, turning redundant stock or unwanted machinery back into money will certainly prove of interest.

Andrew Toothill



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