Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

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Calco has taken buying paper for the smaller printer to a new level!

The biggest expense the paper industry has is deliveries & warehousing. Big wagons doing small drops is totally un-affordable & readily admitted by all. This is why you see mainstream merchants putting minimum order charges on your account where they can, they are not cashing in, they have to have these charges. Antalis minimum spend is £100 per order, which to a lot of people means adding things on they don’t always want.

Calco talk to our customers, we discuss the range of products they would like to hold and we put it into their stock rooms! It’s only the same as it being in our warehouse but it works better for the printer. If it’s in your premises, we don’t need a great big warehouse, so a win win situation. This dramatically reduces transport costs, the printer can do work immediately with a great product range, and what they don’t use in that month they don’t pay for! After 3 months we find the perfect stock levels and it really is proving a popular venture.

We even supply the racking for the stock to go on. With webcams & skype we can easily see what has been used and top it up. All other smaller items are then shipped via DPD within 24 – 48 hours.


Dalesgate Press: Ripon, North Yorkshire

Garry & Phil have 24 different products on a rack which is supplied by Calco. Either a ‘mini’ or a ‘maxi’ size. Throughout they month they use what they need as and when jobs come in. The great range in stock allowing speedy turnaround for customers.

dalesgate 300x263 - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

The stocks are topped up once or twice a month (whatever suits really).

If a packet gets opened then it gets charged at the month end. There is far less invoicing for Phil in the accounts department. We have gone from doing 18 drops per month to doing 2 !!!  if Garry wants a small order (say a pack of Pink 280 mic) he gets it within 48 hrs on DPD. In theory we have £2000 of stock (that would be in our warehouse) on his shelf, which works perfectly for both of us

enterprise - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

Enterprise Print: ‘Works brilliantly for us’

Cons 1024x954 - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

Anorak Colour Digital: ‘It’s been a great addition to our business as the boys have a great variety of stock to hand exactly when we need it.Great idea, well done Calco’.

Simplyconsign 1024x1024 - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

Simply Digital print: ‘Has made our life so simple, brilliant idea’

ultraconsign 986x1024 - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

Ultragraphics: ‘I literally have stock for any job as soon as it comes in’

DK Consignment2 1024x876 - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

DK Print ‘A fantastic & simple idea, allowing us to concentrate on winning work’

Exactis - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

Exactis Interactive Print: ‘the concept of Paper Merchant & Print Manager all under the same roof is a truly inspired idea and Exactis is proud to part of this innovation

Kirklees 1024x768 - Consignment Stocks- Yorkshire, Devon & Cornwall

Just a select few ‘extremely’ happy customers who have consignment stocks………………………….Why not talk to us?

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