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LGP Print - Leeds

LPG Testimonial2 300x190 - TestimonialsLGP Print embraced the concept of Calco’s offering right from day one. When we were approached back in 1999 with the concept of collective buying, and a collaborative approach to purchasing our paper then we jumped at the opportunity. This approach has been a huge help over the last few years as the trade has become more challenging. LGP Print has always invested heavily in technology and state of the art machinery, as demonstrated in its recent investment’s in a new SRA1 press with LED UV drying technology, a Xerox CP1000 digital press, PUR binding and Wiro binding. LGP Print has always looked to try and do things differently, that’s why we liked the Calco approach to business. We believe that this approach has been a great help to LGP`s success. From our UK central hub we supply many other group members with products and items they were previously unable to supply their customers. This group and sharing mentality has even seen our supplier list expand with LGP Print using some group members for products and services.

Philip Stead - Managing Director

DK Print Ltd – Huddersfield

DK Consignment 300x257 - TestimonialsBeing part of the Calco Buying Group has made purchasing paper easy & straight forward. Calco have worked closely with us for over a decade. Stephen has spent a lot of time guiding us from one paper stock to another as prices fluctuate and paper mills close so that we don’t have to, meaning we can get on with what we do best. The team at Calco are at the other end of the phone with a vast knowledge of which paper stocks are available which has been invaluable, especially with customers that bring in a sample for us to match; to then be able to buy just one ream of that paper makes it even better! Several years ago Calco came up with a suggestion that we had a consignment stock of all our regular papers. This has totally changed the way we now order paper. Being a digital printers offering a fast turnaround this has taken the stress out of waiting for paper to arrive to start a job or alternatively paying for a large amount of all stocks – just in case! Calco also works with us on this by monitoring our usage over the months and changing the stock levels accordingly, even adding envelopes towards Christmas, so we don’t even have to think about it. A fantastic customer service, paper before we need it and deliveries with a smile – who could ask for more?!

Darren Wood - Director

Enterprise Print - Huddersfield

enterprise 300x212 - TestimonialsMy summary of being in the Calco buying group is quite simple. Calco has provided us with a first class service for over 15 years. I am well aware that if I took a specific product and trawled the internet for hours I could probably get someone to supply it cheaper, however overall when you take the vast range of products which we purchase, and being able to get them through one supplier at across the board fair pricing, it makes life very simple. What’s more it saves me a lot of time to do other things. When did your current supplier send you a newsletter announcing price decreases or advising to switch to a different product to save money? Calco does this. Now with the online shop going live and me being able to price up 25 C6 Red envelopes through to a box of labels etc., anytime day or night then it gets even better. The new printers clearance section where customers can list print related items for sale, turning redundant stock or unwanted machinery back into money will certainly prove of interest.

Andrew Toothill - Manager

Exactis Interactive Print Ltd

Exactis 300x220 - TestimonialsExactis Interactive Print Ltd is a modern and forward thinking graphic design and digital print businessWe are well known for the quality of our print work and for our fast efficient service in the SME / B2B market.Working in this fast pace and demanding market requires a number of important factors to be solidly in place. High on this list alongside great staff and great equipment are great suppliers and Calco Paper Services Ltd are second to none. Helpful and reliable, proactive and positive, Calco always endeavour to balance market lead price increases with discoverable price decreases and soon become a vital part of the team, supporting each other to be as successful as possible. This without doubt is where we are today. The printing industry has a long standing tradition of working together as diverse methods cannot all be done in one place, but the concept of Paper Merchant & Print Manager all under the same roof is a truly inspired idea and Exactis is proud to part of this innovation.

Oliver & Geri

John Ord Printers - Wakefield

I am a small one man band who enjoys meeting people and selling print. The concept of buying paper through Calco is good on it’s own, however add to this using them as a one stop shop for print jobs that I cannot produce in house and the benefits are obvious. There is no need for me to invest in new modern equipment when between group members we have it already, why would I? I produce in house what I am comfortable with and then use Calco to help me with other work. Examples of recent work placed with Calco:

  • 1 – 10,000 A5 full colour leaflets 1 sided
  • 2 – 1000 DL 2 colour envelopes
  • 3 – A small outdoor sign drilled 4 holes printed in colour

This type of work I would normally have shied away from but the ease of how I can now take these orders with confidence is great for my business.

John Ord - Owner

Anorak Digital Print- Leeds

Acrobat 300x220 - TestimonialsWe shared a premises with Calco for a couple of years and during this point we were introduced to consignment stocks. It’s been a great addition to our business as the boys have a great variety of stock to hand exactly when we need it. It’s fairly priced & we only pay for what we use. I am free to purchase other cheaper options from other suppliers as and when I choose so in reality I have the best of both worlds! Great idea by Calco


Paul Wombwell - Director

Simplyconsign 300x300 - Testimonials